It’s every young child’s dream – and okay, plenty of adults, too – to visit Disneyland Resort® in Anaheim, California at least once in their life. Obviously, this is for good reason. Not only can Disney® fanatics experience the joy of seeing their favorite Disney® characters past and present together in one place, but they get to enjoy the world-famous attractions with their loved ones.

There are certain times of year that are better than others to visit the Disney® Parks. Read on to discover the best times of year to get your Disney® fix and make your dreams come true at “The Happiest Place On Earth.”

Keep the Local Population in Mind

One of the main differences between Disneyland® and Disney World® is the number of local people heading to the park every day to have some Disney-themed fun. Many more annual passholders are located in the Anaheim area. However, there are certain blackout days that apply to annual passes, and this gives every tourist a better chance of exploring and enjoying Disneyland Resort® to its full potential. We recommend avoiding June through mid-August. Even though these are blackout dates for most annual passholders, summertime traditionally means an influx of tourists and crowds.

Avoid Lines and Have Family-Friendly Fun

Most parents want to go to Disneyland® to provide their family with an experience they’ll never forget. To enjoy Disneyland Resort® to its fullest potential, heading to the park mid-week is a good method to avoid crowds. But keep in mind rides and attractions are more frequently closed for repair during these times. Disney® visitors can enjoy the park with the smallest crowds during these periods:

•Weekdays in January, other than New Year’s Day and MLK Day
•Weekdays in February
•The first few days of March
•Mondays through Thursdays in the first half of December
•Mondays through Thursdays in November, other than the week of Thanksgiving
Like all things in life, you can amplify your experience at Disneyland Resort® with a well-planned, organized trip. By having a rough idea of the attractions you want to see and the ideal hotel for your family, you can enjoy shorter lines, reduced travel costs, and more.

Speaking of the ideal hotel, the Tropicana Inn & Suites in Anaheim, California is only a 5-minute walk from the main entrance of Disneyland® and Disney California Adventure Park®. With a Mediterranean-themed property, coffeehouse, and minimarket, we provide everything guests need for a relaxing, comfortable, and incredible Californian holiday. Click here to secure your tickets for your next Disneyland Resort® trip!