Twenty-five years ago, Disneyland Park became the stage for Mickey Mouse’s colorful imagination with the opening of the classic nighttime spectacular, “Fantasmic!” When it returns this summer to Disneyland Park, “Fantasmic!” will be the iconic experience that guests have treasured for 25 years. Complete with original fanfare and theme song, the show will feature new mist screens that utilize innovative projection technology for more vibrant visuals than previously seen.

The show will also feature new scenes inspired by Disney animated classics such as “Aladdin.” One of the creative new scenes has Aladdin and Jasmine floating above a cloud of fog aboard their flying carpet during the airing of “A Whole New World.” If you’re a Disney fan, this is a show that you have to experience for yourself to understand the unique beauty that has been created.

The opening date and further details about the show have not been released yet, but keep a close eye on the Disney Parks Blog to follow the exciting news surrounding this event!