Don’t miss out on a celebration 100 years in the making. 2021 marks this significant anniversary of the opening of Knott’s Berry Farm.

Running from May 21st to September 6th, the 100th anniversary of Knott’s Berry Farm is a historical event not to be missed as it’s a celebration of the family behind this iconic theme park.

A Family History Of Hospitality

The park’s name pays tribute to the family that runs it and the small berry farm it started out as. Now known as America’s first theme park, it was cultivated in 1920 when the Knott family moved to Buena Park, California. They would then begin working closely with a cousin of Walter Knott.

By 1923, the berry farm was thriving so well that Walter started a roadside berry stand. After four years of running the successful berry stand, the family bought land and one year later, built a custom  home on that land. At the same time, they upgraded their roadside berry stand into a fully functional business.

To accompany the berry stand, Cordella, Walter’s wife, opened a tearoom serving pies and jams made with the berries from Walter’s stand. Collectively, they named their business Knott’s Berry Place.

The Birth Of Knott’s Berry Farm

Following the Great Depression, Cordella expanded the menu of her tearoom to include a full multi course dinner with a steep price tag (for the time) of 65 cents per meal. The revenue earned from selling this meal enabled the family to take their modest farm and evolve it into a full-blown theme park.

Take Advantage Of Themed Refreshments

During the park’s celebration to mark this milestone anniversary, you can expect to enjoy theme specific foods and drinks, along with celebratory decor and merchandise marking this special occasion. There are surprises at every turn, so no two days of the celebration are exactly alike.

Meet & Greets/Photo Ops

Some planned anniversary celebration events include the Bear-y Tales, and Whittles, Meet & Greet, and the K Tower Lighting Moment. In addition, you can purchase a Haunted Shack Photo Op as a souvenir of the celebration.

Stay Safe And Protect Others

It is important to note that due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, all guests are required to wear masks while occupying indoor sections of the park. At this time there is no requirement to prove you have been vaccinated or consent to a health screening when you enter the park. Once you are in Knott’s Berry Farm, you will see that hand sanitation stations are easily accessible and located in all public parts of the park.

Please note, ticket purchases and online reservations are required in advance of your visit. If you have plans to visit Knott’s Soak City, you also need to choose your arrival time from the list of available options when you book your tickets.

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