When most of us think of Disneyland®, our minds conjure up wonderful images of beloved characters and memorable rides and attractions. However, there is another side to all the magic and fairy dust. Behind the scenes, professionals trained in the arts, sciences, humanities, and leadership all lend a hand in the creation of Disney® movies, theme parks, video games, and music.

Disney’s® long had education and youth programs that have helped students realize their ambitions of being a part of the dream factory. Here are a few of the programs available for aspiring dreamers.

Designing a Disney® Story

The story is the heart of any great creative work on screens, big or small. There are complex components that work together to bring Disney® characters and stories to life. Designing a Disney® Story is a three-hour program that covers Disney’s® role in the rich history and processes used to create animated features.

This course brings into perspective early techniques that helped shape the modern animation process to the innovative practices of the unforgettable works of the modern age. As future storytellers, students in grades 3-12 will begin to hone their own skills by planning and designing a storyboard of their own, as well as creating a kineograph.

Disney® Culinary Arts

Storytelling is not exclusive to the media arts. There is a story to tell in the kitchen as well. Students in grades seven through college-age can learn how top chefs use fresh ingredients and imagination to create food that is truly akin to magic. This program guides students through the kitchens of Disney California Adventure® Park, where they will learn everything from the basics of kitchen craft to exploring the options in culinary careers.

Leadership and Teamwork

Every tale has a hero, just as every team has a leader. Of all facets of the Disney® empire, leadership is the role most sought after. A leader mentors a team of talented people through the challenges of making Disney® magic.

The Disney® way of work and management leads casts of thousands to great successes. Students in grades 6-12 will learn best practices of overcoming obstacles by working together and thinking creatively. There are exercises designed to encourage curiosity in order to achieve consistent results, giving students the confidence to set goals and realize their dreams.

More Youth Education Programs

The Disney® Youth Education program is dedicated to creating a culture of teamwork through a network of course-based engagements that are meant to shape the minds of Disneyland® Cast Members. Other programs and workshops include:

  • Physics Lab 101
  • Acting 101
  • Dance 101

Every program offered is connected to the Disney® philosophy and plays a role in bringing happiness to millions of people all over the world. From dedicated college programs to semester-long intern programs, the Disney® Youth Education Program website has all the details to set you on the right path to making magic of your own.

For courses, programs, and workshop information click over to the Disney Youth Education website. And while you’re planning your trip to Anaheim, consider booking a room at Tropicana Inn & Suites, only a 5 minute walk away from all the Disney fun.